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How Shock Absorbers and Struts Work

How Shock Absorbers and Struts Work Here's how the shock absorbers or struts work to keep the wheel on the road in your car. The weight of a car is supported by suspension coil springs. When you hit a bump, that coil spring compresses, absorbing the impact of that bump. However, the coil stores that energy and releases it, and left undamped, can cause for a bouncy uncontrollable ride. Enter the damper, which is responsible for controlling and limiting the bounce of the spring to maintain proper tire contact and comfort. It consists of a piston that retracts and expands with suspension travel. Inside the piston are valves that control the flow of oil through orifice holes. Thus the velocity of the piston is controlled through the oil flow, causing a dampening effect. This video grinds open and breaks down a strut from a 2001 Toyota Corolla. It explains the major components of the strut and its function as part of the entire strut assembly and the vehicle in a mass-spring-damper
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