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Horse Shoeing Aero

Horse Shoeing Aero Another Horse shoeing video, this time it's Aero's turn. She is quite old and doesn't do much work so her shoes weren't very worn. After trimming her feet i put the old shoes back on. Filmed with GoPro Hero5 black Camcorder https://amzn.to/2OrEuTs PLEASE READ THE FAQ's BEFORE POSTING!! 1: Hot shoeing ensures a good fit. 2: No, it doesn't hurt the horse if it's shod correctly by a qualified registered person. 3: The horse is calm because it has been trained from birth to know there is nothing to fear. 4: The majority of horses these days are worked either under saddle or in harness and on hard man made surfaces, shoes protect the feet from wearing down too much and can add grip via studs in the shoes for competition animals. 5: Feral horses have particularly hard feet and manage them naturally by foraging, if they get sick they recover or die, it’s nature. 6: The average horse needs re-shoeing every 6-8 weeks 7: The bit I am naili
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