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Can Stirling Engine - 3D model / Drawings

Can Stirling Engine - 3D model / Drawings Learning the hard way - that even the stirling engine is just made by used materials - one has to work as structured and carefull as with any other project - if the machine is to run. Therefor a 3D model and drawings was carried out before my second attempt to do a 'Can Stirling Engine'. Nice science project for schools, high schools and vocational training institutions. Could be a project carried out just by one or two students. First by researching, then planning and sketching and then eventually carrying out the project in practice. Could also be a project for a whole class in a manufactory process. One group could train in cutting an drilling cans. Another in bending and straitening spokes to crankshafts and camrods. A third being experts in making balanced flywheels. And yet another group doing the assemblies of cans, spokes, flywheels etc.
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